Hints - Click anywhere on unit first to control device using NumberPad

If on iOS and you have no sound, make sure *DND* switch is turned off

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  • *.cmposer/PAD Manual

  • Coded, designed and music produced solely by iamMozart, a digital music composer with over 22 years of experience creating original urban music. Intrigued by the concept of NFTs and motivated by the goal to allow everyone a chance to own a piece of original music. For the first time in history, we are now able to appreciate, collect, and share music in a similar way that other art forms have enjoyed for centuries. This collection not only allows you to consume music as art, but allows YOU to participate in it

    An unmeasurable amount of hours and resources have been put into bringing a collection to the market that pushes the boundaries of what Music NFTs are capable of, utilizing innovative technologies and creative ideas to make this unique experience possible only for a limited number of holders

  • Become the COMPOSER

    A Music NFT where YOU can become the artist

    Record your performances

    A completely unique ability to save and export your performances utilizing .WebM format. Share online, record a verse, use as a TikTok sound, ringtone, Youtube intro or your own PFP theme song. The possibilities with original music are endless
    *Some marketplaces or browsers may disable recording capability while viewing on their domain, NFT can still be accessed directly via IPFS location for recording in browser

    Create your own VIBE
    The drum pattern helps shape the energy of the track. A constant thumping kick pattern paired with a clap on every other beat makes you want to dance. A spaced out kick and clap pattern paired with a slow tempo for a chill vibe. It's yours to control

  • Completely INTERACTIVE

    3 selectable FX buttons
    Use a MASSIVE reverb, a unique Wah filter, or a LO-FI filter. Combine all to make your performance stand out

    9 Drum PADs
    Each drum pad triggers a different sound. Each drum kit sound has been edited and chosen specifically, and can vary by each NFT

    Use your Touchscreen, Mouse or Keyboard (Numberpad 1-9 on your keyboard for low latency) and play along with the melody
    *Keyboard limited to Windows platforms

    Pitch and Tempo Control
    Speed up, slow down, and control the pitch of the melody loop. An upbeat dance melody can suddenly become an emotional, slow song

  • ORIGINAL 1/1 Melodies

    Each unit contains a completely unique, HUMAN made, 1/1 melody playing on a loop

    between the melody loop playing solo, or with an accompanying drumloop

    Signature sound
    iamMozart's expertise in combining multiple contemporary and urban styles, drawing influences from genres across many time periods, has resulted in a sound that cannot be replicated

    Commercial use
    Each NFT grants the holder commercial use rights (CC BY 4.0) to the melody of the unit while holding the NFT. (The credits must refer to either "iamMozart" or the NFT itself ".cmposer/PAD serial #your unit number here"). The license is immediately revoked and transferred to the new holder upon a wallet transfer


    Detailed visuals
    2 LCD screens that relay relevant information. Each button and pad becomes illuminated to show it's current status. Different combinations of background / device colors

    Music Visualizer
    See your music. A responsive visual equalizer on the main LCD screen that reacts to the sounds and melody that your unit is playing in real-time

    Mobile Device ready
    The unit's buttons have been extensively tested for size comfort and performance using modern Android and iOS devices to ensure a fun and pleasurable experience.

  • RARE Units

    MASTER Units
    MASTER editions will have a unique interface, each with a special visual equalizer trait
    A full production track that includes drums, FX and transitional elements, and is 30 seconds - 1 minute in duration
    2 Melody loop variations of the main track (without any drums, percussive or FX elements)

    LIMITED Units
    editions will have a unique interface and tier 2 visual equalizer trait
    The melody loop has an increased complexity, containing multiple instruments / musical elements / variety in the melody loop

    XL Units
    editions have a light gray interface with tier 2 visual equalizer trait

    BASS Units
    BASS editions have a dark gray interface with tier 1 visual equalizer trait

  • Music for a LIFETIME

    Assets are stored on the decentralized IPFS network to ensure you do not lose access to your NFT (Creator will be responsible for pinning the files until 6/1/2023. It will be the current NFT holder's responsibility to ensure files remain pinned after that date)

    Unmatched Quality
    Each melody loop has been created with industry quality studio effects applied when exported to it's final format, ensuring the highest quality of sound fidelity possible, to be enjoyed for decades to come